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Our Mission:

To promote the conservation, enhancement and sustainable management of our rural and urban trees and forests, through advocacy, public education, technical advice and action. 

 Our Goals:   

  • Support the mission of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service -to protect, conserve, restore and enhance the many environmental, recreational and economic values of Maryland forests for all of its citizens, and to support the goals of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay Watershed strategy.
  • Promote the use of scientific sustainable forest management principles.     
  • Provide a wide range of educational opportunities, so that citizens of all ages can learn    about the important social, health, environmental and economic values of their trees and forests.
  • Empower citizens to love and nurture their trees by conducting workshops, field days and hands-on learning activities, directed toward tree planting, tree care and maintenance, invasive plant control and multiple-use forest management.
  • Expand tree canopy cover in Carroll County by supporting local tree care and planting efforts in our towns, cities, on school grounds and in public spaces.  
  • Engage local citizens by supporting and promoting the Maryland Big Tree Program in Carroll County.  
  • Support and encourage conservation-related career paths by providing intern learning opportunities and sponsoring tuition for two or more local high school students to attend the Natural Resources Careers Camp.
  • Increase wildlife habitat and protect water quality by connecting landowners to available management tools and incentive programs which help expand or establish new forestland and improve the health, economic viability and environmental services of their existing woodland. 


History and Purpose of the Maryland Forest Conservancy District Boards:  

Unique to the Nation

The Carroll County Forest Conservancy District Board is a member of the Maryland Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards.  There are Forestry Boards in all 23 Maryland counties and a Board in Baltimore City.   The Forestry Boards operate under legislation that was enacted in 1943.  Their historical purpose was to direct the wise use of Maryland’s forest resources, with the goal of assuring a sustainable supply of wood fiber, by applying scientific forest management principles.   Today, the goal of the 24 Boards has expanded to include education and advocacy for the stewardship, conservation and wise use of rural, urban and suburban forest resources, to engage in Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts, and to support the mission and goals of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service.   Forestry Boards are a legislated volunteer arm of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service. Board members are appointed by the State Forester. Members represent the interests of forestry when engaging with local, state and federal agencies and act as forestry leaders, tree and forest advocates, educational promoters and facilitating bodies. 

To view a comprehensive history of the Maryland Forestry Boards, click on this link.  

Contact Us:

Email:  ccforestryboard@gmail.com     Phone: 410-848-9290  

Chairperson:  Chris Spaur: ccforestryboard@gmail.com    

         Vice-Chairperson:  Laura O’Callaghan


Treasurer:  Geary Schwemmer

 Carroll County Big Tree Coordinator:  Geary Schwemmer: schwem@verizon.net

Maryland State Big Tree Coordinator: John Bennet, Program Committee Chair, Contact form

Backyard Buffers Program: jamie.weaver@maryland.gov

Weed Warriors:  jamie.weaver@maryland.gov  or donnal.davis@maryland.gov   


Carroll County Forestry Board , Maryland Forest Service Office: 328-A East Nicodemus Road, Westminster, MD 21158

Meeting Schedule:  

1st Wednesday of each month.  6:30PM. Meetings are open to the public. Currently meetings are on a hybrid schedule, the meetings are in person for those that wish to attend where they are vaccinated and wear a mask. Also the meetings will be via Google Meet.  Contact Donna Davis at donnal.davis@maryland.gov to request a Google access link to a monthly meeting. Visit Events page for meeting schedule and location.

Donating to Our Organization:

The Carroll County Forestry Board is a non-profit 501C-3 volunteer organization.  Donations to the Board are directed back into the community through our educational programs, events and school projects and also help provide tuition for two or more local high school students to attend the week long co-educational Natural Resources Careers Camp in Garrett County, Maryland.  

DONATE: To make a tax-deductible donation to the Carroll County Forestry Board, send checks payable to: Carroll County Forestry Board   328-A East Nicodemus Road, Westminster, MD 21157. 

OR to donate using PayPal visit the Maryland Forest Association website donation page   http://www.marylandforestryboards.org/donations.cfm    Please type “Carroll County Forestry Board” in the memo section of the donate page.